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Click on Bassgrace Below in audio submissions, its my latest one.

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2009-02-23 09:55:52 by NeglectfulSpawn

i recently uploaded Neglectful and intitially got 4 horrible ratings, but when i asked others to rate it and review it they thought it was great, im confused. can you please rate it and review it? good or bad? tell me why you dont like it or do?

thanks for checking out this post, and if you rate it or review it after listening to the song, i appreciate your time

new audio uploads

2009-02-21 12:51:55 by NeglectfulSpawn

Please check em out n tell me what ya think :) thanks ?????


2009-02-21 10:42:50 by NeglectfulSpawn

Just started on a poem, :) wanted to share before i went to work.

Lying In My Solitude I Contemplate My Existence.
Trying To Conclude My Reservations with Religions.
Wondering Through Thoughts And Decisions Ive Made,
Pondering whats Right And Whats Left 2 be wieghed

Questioning If I Was A Good Person In My Lifetime,
Recollecting Consequences Paid For Morale Crimes.
Seeing The Unrighteous In So Many Things On Earth,
Feeling A Sense Of Destruction We Bring Since Birth.

( rough draft, going to add onto it, and revise later :) )

What do you think? about Religion? or the world? can you relate?


2009-02-20 08:14:28 by NeglectfulSpawn