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2009-02-21 10:42:50 by NeglectfulSpawn

Just started on a poem, :) wanted to share before i went to work.

Lying In My Solitude I Contemplate My Existence.
Trying To Conclude My Reservations with Religions.
Wondering Through Thoughts And Decisions Ive Made,
Pondering whats Right And Whats Left 2 be wieghed

Questioning If I Was A Good Person In My Lifetime,
Recollecting Consequences Paid For Morale Crimes.
Seeing The Unrighteous In So Many Things On Earth,
Feeling A Sense Of Destruction We Bring Since Birth.

( rough draft, going to add onto it, and revise later :) )

What do you think? about Religion? or the world? can you relate?


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